Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream

Inspired by their three daughters, who tend to color outside the lines, Farmer Bob and Becky developed Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream with the idea of creating a unique, vibrant flavor.  The ice cream takes fresh to a new level with farm-to-cone using the ingredients Fisher Brothers grow to craft the small-batch ice cream.  While Sister Sophie has taken over the ice cream making reins, Farmer Bob and Becky (mother of all anarchy!) are involved in new flavor development and promotion, and you can typically meet at least one of the original sisters at the farm stand or our off-site events.

A SPECIAL SISTERS OF ANARCHY ICE CREAM SALE IS GOING ON NOW THROUGH FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17.  If you purchase your ice cream online by midnight on Friday, then we'll have it pre-packed and available for pick-up on Saturday, November 18 and Sunday, November 19 from 1-4 pm.



Our current Sisters of Anarchy flavors incorporate fresh blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, elderberries, aronia berries, peaches and ginger, as well premium chocolate and vanilla.  New farm-fresh flavors are constantly being added and the Sisters of Anarchy theme song are being finalized so stay tuned for what the Sisters cook up next!

The Fisher Brothers farm stand will reopen weekends and a few evenings in May 2018.  Full farm stand hours will begin in mid- to late June 2018.  Of course if you need your Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream fix in the interim, it is available throughout the winter simply by contacting Becky at

Sisters of Anarchy is always available for off-site events so if you want to bring a delicious, farm-to-cone experience to your office party, fundraiser, or other event, just let us know!!